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Dr. McCuistion’s Personal Vision and Mission Statements:

  • To be known and recognized for making disciples who are focused on King Jesus as He stated in the Great Commission!

  • Developing leaders who are making of disciples based on the preeminence of Jesus as both Lord and Messiah.

Life & Education

“I’ve been preaching all of my life,” says Director of Teaching4Jesus Ministries. “When I was three or four, I’d have my stuffed animals lined up on the bed and I’d be preaching to them.”

Positions and Affiliations: Founder and Director of Teaching4Jesus Ministries
Other affiliations include Adjunct Professor, South University Online, Senior Lecturer, North-West University Faculty of Theology, Potchefstroom, South Africa, Tutor, Greenwich School of Theology, Retford, Nottinghamshire, England.

Although I've been a professor now for over ten years (and loving every minute of it), I spent much of his professional life working full- or part-time in the pulpit, actively doing ministry for 20 years, some full time; some bi-vocational. “There aren’t many careers that you could name that I haven’t somehow come in contact with,” he recall. “I did construction, insurance, title work, a little bit of everything, and enjoying life.” Some were to support ministry and others to support my family while I did graduate work.

At 52, I decided I wanted even more. “I walked into the house one day and told my lovely wife, ‘I think I'll go back to school.’” That announcement, that decision, turned into an 11-year quest resulting in two master’s degrees and a PhD. I earned a Master of Arts in the New Testament from Johnson University and a Master of Arts in Theology from Saint Leo University—where I also began serving as an Adjunct Professor. Soon after my Master’s, I earned a Doctor of Philosophy in the New Testament from the North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa. My doctoral studies focused on the context of Matthew’s fulfillment concept. I received my Ph.D. in New Testament in 2013.

In addition to Saint Leo, I taught for Barry University and Pasco-Hernando State College and South University.

Teaching & Equipping

For me, teaching feels right. I loves to equip Christians with the Word and have for a long time. In fact, I remember attending his first Bible camp at age nine and then returning the following Sunday to share a full report of what I learned in front of the church congregation.

I always knew that I could teach; it’s the Spirit's gift. When God sets his sights on something, there’s no guesswork about it. You know the call and you know that you’re responsible for it.


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  • Serve Like Jesus. Zephyrhills, FL: Teaching4Jesus Ministries, 2018.

  • Can We Trust the Bible. Zephyrhills, FL: Teaching4Jesus Ministries, 2018.

  • Uniqueness of Jesus: Is He the Only Way to God. Zephyrhills, FL: Teaching4Jesus Ministries, 2018.

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