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Teaching4Jesus Ministries

The T4J Motto is Every Christian a Theologian where theologian is defined as Talking logically about God. 

Theological Training for Disciples

What does mean Every Christian a Theologian? Look at it this way:

  • Theos is the Greek word for God

  • Logos is the Greek word for talk; we get our word logic from it

  • Thus, to be a Theologian means that you talk logically about God. 

This sounds like a trained professional who has gone to college or seminary, doesn't it. Yes, they are trained to talk logically about God. However, the Bible was written to the churches and every member was expected to know what was given to them through the words of Scripture. 

Two Levels of Training

  1. Forums

    1. Relevancy Forum examines three foundational elements of our faith:​

      1. The Bible: Is the text used today the same as that used by the early Christians? ​

      2. The Uniqueness of Jesus: This study teaches the Disciple to defend our Lord and King by showing how His claims, death, resurrection, coronation, and provision in the Holy Spirit makes Him unique above any and all other religious leaders

      3. The Church: Do We Really Need It? In this study, the disciples is taught that the church is vital because of the message we are commissioned to take to the world. Here, the disciples learns about the "who" of the church and why this is important.

    2. Discipleship DNA shows that discipleship is something you are, not something you know. This Forum is based on the disciple made at conversion and "taught all that I have commanded" as Jesus instructed​.

    3. A deeper investigation of the person and nature of Jesus is offered in the Focus on Jesus Experience. This study will awaken the Christian to the Lordship of Jesus through a detailed look at descriptions of Jesus in the New Testament answering the question:

“What should that mean to me as a Christian”

  1. Equipping Ministry Training is a Certificate Program offering six (6) classes that give the student the biblical and theological foundation needed to talk logically about God and His Son, Jesus. The foundation classes are:

    1. Biblical Interpretation

    2. Context and Theology of the Old Testament

    3. Context and Theology of the New Testament

    4. Theology Survey 

    5. Exposition and Exegesis: Keys to Effective Preaching and Teaching

    6. Servant Leadership

Updated 20 March 2022

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