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Equipping Ministry Leadership Training

Equipping Servant Leaders Who Equip Other Servant Leaders

Empowering disciples for service that builds up the body of Christ, equipping great leaders firmly focused on Jesus

Teaching4Jesus Ministries (T4J) has a vision of Empowering Christians for service that builds up the body of Christ. To accomplish this, our mission focuses daily on challenging, inspiring and equipping Christians to impact the growth of the body of Christ in love according to each disciple’s ability.

To achieve this, T4J is offering our Equipping Ministry Leadership Training (EMLT), an upper level certificate program for church leaders. T4J views these disciples from the biblical plan that all Christians should serve our Lord in His church. 

Students include the full-time, paid, or bi-vocational pastor who wants to refresh their theological studies. Prospective students also include lay pastors who serve with the lead ministers in the church. Basically, EMLT is for any Christian who wants to deepen their understanding of theology and the Word of God in order to serve more effectively. Scroll down for courses and descriptions.

Every Christian a Theologian

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THY101 Biblical Interpretation

This course introduces concepts of biblical interpretation including issues related to interpretation, major approaches, and tools necessary to understand best practices for interpreting any biblical text.

THY102 Theology Survey

Theology Survey introduces the study of theology from a historical angle. This approach examines changes in theology from the first century to the present day with emphasis on key turning points in the development of biblical and systematic theology.


BIBL101 Old Testament Context & Theology

This course studies the context of the Old Testament and the prominent theologies that have developed from that context. While this course is not a book-by-book study, it will demonstrate the impact of the context on each section of these writings and the theologies that contribute to the use of the Old Testament for teaching and preaching in today’s church.

BIBL102 New Testament Context & Theology

Like its sister course BIBL101, the New Testament course studies relevant theologies regarding how they support, reflect, and protect the central focus of the Christian writings realized in Jesus. As with BIBL101, this course is not a book by book study. However, it will demonstrate the relationship between the context and the developed theologies.


MIN101 Exposition & Exegesis: Keys to Effective Preaching & Teaching

MIN101 develops necessary in-sights and skills in sermon and lesson preparation and delivery. Emphasis will be placed research, exegesis, and exposition of Scripture. Class format includes lectures and student presentations with opportunity for feedback, focusing on the growth of the student’s spirit and abilities to present God’s word.

MIN102 Servant & Organizational Leadership

MIN102 introduces the Jesus leadership model that produces Servant Leaders who have a heart of service and will train others. These Serve Like Jesus leaders will then be equipped with the essentials needed for making disciples and thus, growing the church.


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