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The Gospel As Agency

The idea of the Gospel as agency may be a peculiar concept to many. Referring to the Gospel as agency gives the impression that the Gospel is the subject in an anticipated action. This action is precisely the image the Bible portrays. However, there is a need to clarify what is meant by the Gospel as agency. Gospel of agency looks specifically at what the Gospel will do. What benefits are received from it?


The vision of this article is to grasp the effective results of the Gospel to captivate us for the Kingdom of the Beloved.

Is Salvation the purpose of the Gospel

I am convinced that if the contemporary church member is asked what the reason or purpose of the Gospel is, they will declare that it is salvation. In the New Testament tradition, the purpose of the Gospel is multifaceted. Salvation is most certainly a vital part of the tradition, but it is not the whole or even the larger part of the tradition as some seem to believe. I think that the problem may be the definition of salvation. The Christian should understand that there are two aspects to this magnificent theme. These are being saved “from” and being saved “for.” The New Testament emphasis is on the “for,” anticipating the “from.”


Both elements are essential. Both elements have their place. But if we are going to “live the church” as our Lord intended, we need to understand what the Gospel is “for.”


The mission is to give a brief overview of the stated purpose of the Gospel in the New Testament. The approach will be to examine the Pauline tradition regarding the activity of the Gospel as the agency of transfer. The transfer is from the evil, dark world that separates us from God to the Beloved Kingdom of his Son. Let the journey begin.

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The Gospel

Last update: 5 September 2015

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