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Leaders for Jesus Workshop

A church is a spiritual organization in a physical world. While guided by the Spirit of God, it is an organization led by humans. Developing Leaders, inspiring and training them for church growth requires the use of Servant Leadership concepts, principles and practices.

Servant Leaders guide the church, helping them to see the future of their church – Vision; teaching them how to develop others daily – Mission; and setting stepping-stones to achieve the Mission – SMART Goals.

Is church attendance stagnant/declining?

Few new members, esp. by conversion? 

Community unaware that you exist? 

Spiritual growth wavering? 

Yes   No

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Take this quick survey:

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, there is a strong possibility that your organizational leadership principles need redefining. Compass Leadership specializes in the creation of these essential practices through inspirational presentations that inspires church leadership to develop a new future of growth for your church. Combined with Teaching4Jesus Ministries’ Focus On and Serve Like Jesus, we train leaders who equip believers that helps your church GROW!


"The best seminar speaker at the WSU Energy/Facilities Conference.” Ray Burton, CEM (LEEDS® AP) McKinstry, Seattle, WA

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  • Experience Jesus like never before

  • Train 100% of the members to serve

  • Fill your leadership tool bag


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