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The Relevancy Forum uses a roundtable format of Presentation with time allowed for Q&A, offering skeptics and non-believers the opportunity to ask tough questions that are preventing them from developing the faith required to be part of Jesus’ community.

With the uncertainty facing the church due to covid 19 and current, government controls, Teaching4Jesus Ministries is able to offer the forum in two modes:

  1. Live: Based on the local regulations and practice of the church, Teaching4Jesus Ministries is willing to come to your location to present the Forum

    1. If regulations are still in effect but the church is meeting, Teaching4Jesus Ministries will abide by the recommended procedures adopted by your local community

    2. The sponsoring church will determine the guidelines used in your area

    3. A Virtual outreach can be used to support the church’s evangelistic efforts

  2. Virtual: Technology has provided the means to be live virtually via Zoom, the presentation mode of choice for Teaching4Jesus Ministries

    1. Teaching4Jesus Ministries has a studio from which the Forum can be broadcast that provides a quality experience

    2. The host church will need to provide acceptable equipment to receive and broadcast locally

      1. Broadcast could be done by projection or wide screen TV for smaller groups

      2. A camera and sound equipment are required to have a live exchange

        1. This is required for the Q&A

        2. This can be portable and passed around or a setting where someone comes to a microphone and camera

    3. The host church will be able to offer the link to those not in attendance

      1. The maximum number is 100 locations

      2. Each location can have as many in attendance as can be handled properly, whether in a home or public gathering

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