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Romans' Road

It is an honor to present to you, King Jesus. Our prayer is that you see our vision to Focus on the Preeminence of Jesus put into action in this website. We are committed to this as demonstrated by our mission to present Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior at every opportunity. This is achieved by holding God’s word as the standard for our faith and God’s love as demonstrated in Jesus as our motivation.


Below are links to downloadable versions of the complete Romans' Road. I say complete in that many versions jump around, giving a somewhat distorted view of the Romans' Road to Life in the Spirit. This map to the Romans' Road provindes a complete description of the journey from the introduction of the Gospel (Romans 1:2-4) to the point of no condemnation in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1). My prayer is that you will use these to show many people the road to peace.


These are downloadable. You will need to add your church information in the designated places. I suggest that you print using a color laser printer. If you do not have one, you can order from us or take the file to a local printer. I am charging $.25 per tract, both sizes. This covers the cost of printing and paper. Order these in our online store.