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Understanding the importance of social media like YouTube, Vimeo, etc., T4J is moving into this arena. Below, there are two options for sermons of the experience. These can be presented in a study or T4J can come to your church for a live presentation. Please click the "Return - Experience Details" for more information.​

Focus on Jesus Experience

  • Can We Trust the Bible: This lesson explores how God put together the 27-Book Canon that Christians considered inspired and sacred. Additionally, the most commonly used translations are examined.

  • Uniqueness of Jesus: This two-part video class examines five unique qualities of Jesus that demonstrate He is absolute truth without equal. 

Focus on Jesus Experience

  • Concentrate on Jesus: This is an introductory sermon that is presented to churches to introduce and plan the Experience. This is usually presented six weeks prior to the Focus on Jesus Experience.

  • Sermons: Full length sermons on the Person and Nature of Jesus

    • These are the experiences that will be presented at the Focus on Jesus event at your church.​

Updated 13 May 2017

Focus on Jesus

Experience Details

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