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The Bible

Life’s Most Important Question!

Are the things said about Jesus really true?


Before we answer this question, we must know where we can find the most accurate answer.


Consider the Bible:

  • It is the oldest account about Jesus, written by those who knew him best


What is so significant about this? It means that the Bible is:

  • Faithfully handed down since the beginning of Christianity

  • Translated (not interpreted) to give the best representation of what it said when it was written

  • Protected from corruption

  • Gives us the best testimony of the ones who knew the answer to this question


Because of this, we can look to the Bible for the Truth!

Because some may doubt the reliability of the Bible, it is important to say just a few words about its use as the source for information about Jesus. The reason for this is that some would suggest that the church’s image of Jesus is the result of a perception of faith and not historical reality. The writings that we now consider to be the New Testament were penned several years after Jesus. They were not officially collected as an approved Canon for almost 400 years. Could it be that the church may have altered the copies to represent the Jesus they wanted to portray?

While it is true that there is a gap between the historical Jesus and the first writings and that no original documents exist today, this does not have to lead to the conclusion that the church altered the stories about Jesus. 

* This page is an excerpt from is my book Non-Negotiable: Focusing on the Essentials of the Faith. The book goes into more detail on many of these issues.


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Last update: 11 September 2015


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