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Relevancy Response

The Relevancy Response from Teaching4Jesus Ministries is a loud, clear voice that says enough is enough. It is time for the church to stand firm on the convictions that form the foundation of faith. The Relevancy Response states clearly the trustworthiness of the Bible, points to Jesus as the only way to God, and teaches the necessity of the church. The first response in this series is the work, Can We Trust the Bible? The vision of that reply is to present evidence of the authenticity of the Bible. The undertaking is to present adequate information in a logical fashion without being too “heady.” That is, the mission is to present the needed information for every Christian to be able to defend the authenticity of the Bible when challenged.

The Uniqueness of Jesus is the second response that presents Jesus as the only, absolute truth for this or any century. In this answer to the question of Jesus’ right to govern our lives, the person and nature of Jesus will be presented within a contemporary context based on the expressed accuracy of the Bible.

The Uniqueness of Jesus
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