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Vision Statements

According to leadership principles and practices, successful churches must have active Vision and Mission Statements, along with SMART Goals to lead the process of spiritual growth of a church.

Compass Leadership Workshop

Every church consists of two organizational entities:

  1. The Church is a “Spiritual Organization” that influences the Spirit of Christ existing in every aspect of its being;

  2. The Church is a physical organization in the physical world influencing the spiritual organization as a business in the out-side world

Creation of a motivating Vision and Mission Statement is a process that combines the two aspects, identifying how church membership “see” their church become in the future, and work the process of becoming the vision. It is the “Why” or purpose of the spiritual organizations.

The process involves proactive organizational leadership—i.e. CEO, Pastor, Elders, Deacons and other leaders in the Church.

Circle of Success

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