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When the reader moves from the Gospels to Acts, there is a shift from verbs to nouns! That is, the Gospels tell about Jesus doing different types of ministries. He teaches, he heals, he prays, he dies, he lives! Action, Action, Action! However, when we move into the book of Acts, there is a shift to Jesus as the subject of speeches.

Jesus moves from the historical man active in history to the subject of the primary speeches of Acts

Speeches in Acts

  • One of the prominent literary features of Acts

  • Make up nearly ⅓ of the storyline


“In antiquity it was common for historians to have historical figures deliver speeches in their narratives.”

(Scholz 140)

“The speeches in Acts show how the Jesus movement was rooted in the ancient Hebrew Scriptures.”

(Scholz 150.)


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Scholz, Daniel. Jesus in the Gospels and Acts. Winona, MN: Saint Mary Press, 2009. Print.

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