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Pop Quiz:

  1. Who was the first audience to hear the Gospel?

  2. Who was the preacher?

The immediate answer for most would be Peter as the preacher on the day of Pentecost, powerfully delivering God’s message to the Jews who were in Jerusalem. But wait! Some may remember that Jesus preached the Gospel of the kingdom (Matthew 4:23). However, neither of these answers is correct.


According to the apostle Paul, God was the first to preach the Gospel. His audience was Abraham (Galatians 3:8). The importance of this is realized in that the Gospel as message, election and agent is deeply rooted in the Jewish heritage. Some may have a tendency to confine their thinking about God’s great actions to the pages of the New Testament. A close examination of the Gospel discovers that the roots of God’s salvific actions in the world are routed all the way back to creation in Genesis 1.


Soon, I will add additional studies on the Gospel. It will be available by clicking the buttons below.

The Gospel

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Last update 11 September 2015


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