Vision: Recognized as the primary resource for making cross-bearing disciples of King Jesus, sharing His vision and mission.

Mission: Challenging, inspiring and equip-ping Christians to impact the growth of the body of Christ in love according to each individual’s ability.

The T4J mission is accomplished by:
  1. Relevancy Forum designed to train disciples to defend the three core values of the Christian faith: The Bible, Jesus, and the Church

  2. Discipleship Demands a Cross is based on Jesus' description of cross-carrying, motivating every disciple to Serve Like Jesus, getting out of the pew and into your community, making disciples and serving King Jesus by:

    • Developing a heart of service like Jesus modeled for the Disciple

    • Learning the principles of Servant Leadership

    • Equipping others to become Servant Leaders

  3. Focus on Jesus Seminar that takes an in depth examination into the person and nature of Jesus, focusing on four key passages about Jesus:​

    • Colossians 1:15-18​

    • Philippians 2:6-11

    • John 1:1-14

    • Hebrews 1:1-4

Vision: Be a "Go-To Source" for leadership speaking, training and life coaching.

Mission: Provide personal and organizational seminars to help Create a Circle Success that insures growth, servant leadership, loyalty, resilience and legacy.

CL mission is accomplished by:

Training Church leadership in

  1. The essentials, principles, and practices that:

    • Emphasizes Servant Leadership as the model Jesus practiced

    • Develops Serve Like Jesus disciples

    • Equipping Serve Like Jesus Leaders

  2. Committed to helping your church or business start your Circle of Success

Circle of Success

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